My first blog


I’m kinda new to this whole blogging thing…so my first thought/question: Does anybody leave the automated first message from WordPress? You know…”Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”?

I just need to know if I’m a blogging loser because I deleted it and wrote my own…or if I’m a blogging loser because I deleted it to pretend that it was never there? Or am I just a loser because I’m even questioning it? Yep…probably the last one.

Well anyway, my plan is to share my life, thoughts, and music on this blog. I already have a once-in-a-while youtube video blog where I actually  made one entry almost a year ago. Pretty good huh? I guess random videos of live songs don’t count as video blogs? Or do they? See what I mean…I’m new at this. I don’t know the rules of blogging, so I’ll either figure them out or make them up as I go. Check back here to see how I do. 



ps. here are a couple of youtube videos from my “video blog”


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  1. crossdriven says:

    Nice Blog! As for rules, the only rule is to update on a regular schedule as best you can. Here is a post that you may find interesting

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