why do i do what i do?

Lately I’ve been wondering why people do the things they do? More directly, why do I do what I do?

When I say “things”, I mean everything. Why do I dress the way I do? Why do I speak the way I speak? Why do I view God the way I view God? Why do I write songs the way I write songs? So on and so forth. 

Do I act a certain way or choose certain things because I am choosing to do them or are they innate? Or am I doing them because of the culture we live in or because somewhere along the way I started conforming? 

I was speaking at a youth conference this past weekend and described college as a place where culture tells us we should find ourselves. A place where we should learn what we like and don’t like, who we want to be like, and who we are. I’ve learned that we should allow God to define who we are. We should find ourselves in Him. He is my creator so why would I not try to find out who He created me to be and go with that? 

So…my goal is to do what I do because it’s what God has lead me to do. If I choose to look at things things with kingdom eyes, then I can’t go wrong. If I allow God to define who I am, and direct my steps, I’ll find the answer to my question “Why do I do what I do?”. 

That is the correct answer.

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