The official Top Ten Late Night Thoughts of an Insomniac Worship Leader During Easter Week

So as you would expect, the two busiest weeks of the year for church staff (especially worship guys) are the week prior to Christmas Eve and Easter week. This year we added a Easter Saturday night service to try to clear out space for the CE visitors who will undoubtedly come to the 11:15 service on Sunday morning. Did Jesus really rise after 2.5 days? No, but whatever. We can celebrate on Easter Saturday just like we should celebrate His aliveness every day. So it’s 2:30am. I’m leading a service tomorrow night, Friday night, Saturday night, and 3 on Sunday. So here are the Top Ten Late Night Thoughts of an Insomniac Worship Leader During Easter Week. (feel free to add your own)

10. Did I finish the creating the slides?

9. Should I save the real guilty-type songs for Good Friday or use them for the Communion service on Thursday?

8. I hope the drummer gets there on time…the last thing we need is a soundcheck running up to the service countdown.

7. Wait, are we singing Nothing But the Blood Thursday or Friday…I can’t remember. I think it’s Friday, no wait, it’s tomorrow. No it’s Friday, right before Lead Me to the Cross. Yep, Friday. Wait, is Lead Me to the Cross on Thursday or Friday?…

6. I wish I could stop thinking about all of these details that will work themselves out and focus on Christ.

5. Wait, did I finish creating the slides?

4. Maybe we should shift the song order so the powerful response song can become the powerful sermon set-up?

3. Are these song possible song order changes the Holy Spirit? or am I overthinking?

2. I wonder if other worship leaders have these same problems or if it’s just me.

1. I’m taking Monday off to make up for lost sleep!

5 responses to “The official Top Ten Late Night Thoughts of an Insomniac Worship Leader During Easter Week”

  1. Sarah says:

    Ok, here’s mine – Did I make signs for the prayer walk yet? Which stations need posterboard? Have we got bread for the communion at the Last Supper production tonight, and enough cups? Did Jesus have unleavened bread, and does it matter if we don’t? Did I make enough slides for the Good Friday service? (hey, pastors worry about this stuff too!), and when will I Have time to finish writing that service – midnight to 2am tonight? Will the dog I’m supposedly babysitting ever be able to get a walk, or is she doomed to be inside for three days? Can I reherse the Sunrise Service before or after choir rehersal, since all my characters are in the choir? We’re getting up HOW early Easter morning? Oh, and does my son want an Easter basket at the tender age of 15, and if so, when the heck am I going to get one?!?!? Thanks, I needed that!

  2. Em says:

    So, sometimes, when I read posts like this, I’m very thankful for my current situation. 🙂 Best wishes on a very busy week!

  3. kat says:

    lolololol. this is great insight into what it takes to do what you do. thanks for the laugh! 😀

  4. Marlon says:

    Haha, wow you are very busy, I another worship guy am not going through this much pressure as you are, but I could always if you need an extra hand bro. This is very true, I’ve had the same problem when it’s an all day event, full of worship, and then you have the singers in your band saying, this song’s too high for me, let’s try a different key, that song is too repetitive, no that’s not a good opening song, that mid song is better at the end, that slow doesn’t go with the theme, or won’t bring people to the altar…….etc..etc…etc…. you are trying and it’s amazing that God still moves in the middle of our confused and tired minds. Keep it up Keith.

  5. Jim says:

    Can I take a whack at your #3? (Which also bears on #9 and #4.)

    I would suggest the following, if you are focused on the *outcome*, then you run the risk of being willful, or worse, manipulative. (Note I said ‘risk’, not ‘are.’)

    On the other hand, if your focus is on what part of God’s truth and counsel needs to be presented to God’s people in that moment, then you have focused on your role; and left the *outcome* to the One whose proper role that is–the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for being His caring servant who serves so many of us so very well. Love you bro’.

    Your brother,

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