U Better Recognize.

Tonight we held a Good Friday service at our church. My brother (the youth pastor) spoke about guilt vs grace and how we cannot fully see the reality of the cross until we get past the guilt we feel. He said something that made some people chuckle, but I thought was right on point…so I wanted to share. 

Jesus is not our cleaning lady. Jesus is not our dentist. It cheapens the cross and it cheapens grace. 

I don’t personally have a cleaning business come in and clean my house once a week, but I know some who do. The night before the cleaning crew comes…time to tidy up for the cleaning crew. When we know we are going to the dentist, we brush like 3 times a day so when they ask if we’ve been brushing we can say yes. It’s not like that with Jesus. We don’t have to get right before we come to Him. He accepts us as we are. He sacrificed Himself for us as we were, are, and will be. If we think we can work for that sacrifice or do anything on our own, we cheapen the grace He gives us. If we can do it ourselves, why did He go to the cross? 

We are human and we will probably never fully grasp the reality of the cross…but if we recognize that we will never full recognize the reality of the cross, then we maybe have recognized.

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