Why Ecuador?

Some of you know that my wife and I are leaving the country a week from today. Destination::Ecuador. People have been asking where exactly we’re going, why we’re going and what we’ll be doing there. So here it goes.

Within the last year, I started working with Compassion International. Compassion is an international relief organization focusing on releasing children from poverty and developing them holistically…all in the name of Jesus. It’s a great organization (check it out compassion.com). It has given me the opportunity to promote Compassion at events, concerts, churches, etc, and invite people to sponsor a child of their own. (Again, to read more details on what “sponsoring a child” means, check out their website).

About 6 weeks ago, my Compassion artist rep, Paul, called and invited Emily and I to go to Ecuador with Compassion in March. Doing something like this is something we have always had the desire to do, but never really the opportunity. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity. Through Compassion, God has hand-delivered the chance for us to do something amazing. How humbling? We will be leaving next Monday and visiting two main cities in Ecuador, Quito and Otavalo. We will be spending most of our time doing two different things…the first is visiting the child development centers to see how the kids are educated and to spend time loving on them. Secondly, we will be visiting the homes/families of children in the program in order to have a better understanding of their life as a whole. The idea is for us to have a more accurate idea of the need for children to be sponsored in order for us to have first-hand knowledge of how Compassion’s child sponsorship works.

Our prayer has been, and will continue to be, that we will experience whatever God wants us to experience. If it means changing our perspective on life, then so be it. If it means playing soccer with kids, then so be it. If it means observing from afar in order to come back and share what we saw, then so be it. We don’t know exactly what to expect, except that God will show up and do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.

So check out my blog next week as I’m planning to upload pics and tell stories so we don’t experience this thing alone. Let’s go together.

5 responses to “Why Ecuador?”

  1. Jenni Sparks says:

    Keith and Emily,
    God bless you! I can’t wait to hear about your experience. We have sponsored a young girl, Purnami, in India for three years through Compassion. Our whole family prays for her every day and write to her, and just love when we hear from her about the things she is doing. Compassion is a terrific organization doing amazing things. Keep up the great work!

  2. keithelgin says:

    Thanks Jenni! We are so excited. Have you had any great experiences with Purnami? Our child, Shebra, lives in Haiti. Fortunately her and her family are all safe after the earthquakes.

  3. Paul says:

    I am so excited to have you and Emily on the trip – looking forward to sharing the ministry with you first hand!

  4. Linda Kline-Lau says:

    Wow, that is soooo cool!! You and Emily are the perfect people to send. I am also sponsoring a child through World Vision, another excellent organization. Hold on to your heart, man!! This is going to be a life-changing trip! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you all.

  5. Debra Merrill says:

    Travel blessings on you both! Get ready for your life to be rocked! It’s all good and it’s all God.

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