Changing the Oil

I’m sitting here in Meineke waiting for my oil change to finish and yes I have a coupon. I’m thinking about how I’ve recently been so inspired to increase my biblical knowledge. Partly because I’d love to be able to recite more scripture from memory. I also want to better apply what I learn to my life. And understand the theology behind a lot of scripture. I could go on, but you get the idea.

With a cheesy metaphor fully in mind, what would our cars be like if all we got was an oil change? If we get regular oil changes, our vehicles will actually function very well. It will make everything mechanically run smoother in the car for 3000 miles. But it will not protect our brakes or our tires. It will not keep the windshield wipers from rusting. It will not keep the windshield from cracking and needing replaced. (Yes that’s me and that is where I’m headed after the oil change is done.)

If I spend time gaining biblical knowledge, it will undoubtedly make my relationship with God somewhat deeper, but it will not protect me from attacks. Reciting scripture from memory alone will not keep my faith strong. Neither will better understanding theology. In the same way oil changes without getting gas will not keep your car alive, and the same way faith without deeds is dead (James 2), knowledge is only a starting point. And it will more than likely lead to pride. The same way an oil change alone will not cause a car to run, gaining biblical knowledge alone is not enough to make a Christian run. So I can read read read and learn learn learn until the cows come home, but it will also take prayer, worship, etc., to make me run smoothly.

Who knew an oil change could be so deep?

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  1. Elena Clark says:

    Great insight on a “oil change”. and we def need more then just an oil chage we need total bible tune ups!

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