Faces From the Equator Part 2

It was the innocent look in their eyes. They could not speak English, but their eyes would clearly say, “Thank you for being here with us. You represent our sponsor. You love us. We love you.” That’s just a piece of it.

Sometimes you’d catch them staring at you with such admiration and adoration. Sometimes when you’d look back at them, they’d come wrap their little arms around you and point to the camera.

“Foto. Foto.” Followed by a little pose.

So you snap a shot and they say, “Miro. Miro.” (I look.)

These kids live in circumstances beyond their control. Yet they have beautiful smiling faces and joy-filled eyes. And if you’d catch them looking at you like that, you’d understand.

You can represent hope to a child in need. To see more children in need, click HERE.

One response to “Faces From the Equator Part 2”

  1. Kris Ruoff says:

    Kids are awesome!

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