Faces From the Equator Part 3

Today I want you to meet Andrew and Marcelo. Andrew is a super-talented 19-year-old pop artist from Colorado. Marcelo is a 14-year-old aspiring guitar player from Compassion project EC478 near Otavalo, Ecuador. Last week they shared a moment that neither will ever forget.

A few years ago, Andrew wrote a song called Compassion (Change the World). After Marcelo and I exchanged guitar exercises through the translator, his mother Maria asked me to sing a song. I felt a nudge from God to have Andrew sing. I never knew he had written a song inspired by Compassion’s work, but God did…and He wanted this perfect moment to unfold.

Here we all were, about 8 of us, crammed into this tiny little homemade house with no floor, plastic lining the walls, and one bed for the 5 people in their family.

We sat and listened as Andrew sang the song, and it was amazing. The lyrics, the melody, and especially the line, “I have seen a grateful smile shining on a child’s face,” as he could glance over and see a child who has been changed. When the song finished, we all had tears in our eyes. The joy on Maria’s face, that somebody would be willing to sit and play and sing with her son, was overwhelming. She asked if Andrew had a CD, which he just happened to have on the bus. Maria’s family had a old CD player connected to one old speaker. By American standards this would’ve been considered cheap, but by their standards: a blessing. Eventually we left and got back on the bus for the ride through the town back to the Compassion project.

After about an hour, Maria showed up. She had walked so far to tell us that we had blessed her so much, she wanted to give us gifts. She gave Emily and I a Feliz Navidad decoration that her oldest daughter had made (and by American standards, it was totally impressive). The only other thing she had to give was eggs. A lady who had nothing, was giving what she could find. (To see what Jesus says about this, go HERE.

We presented her with a box of gifts for her family. Food, water, etc. She had the biggest smile on her face, and even sorta jumped up and down when we told her we’d be taking it back to her house because it was heavy. So we all got back on the bus and drove to her house. We walked back through the field past and heard music coming from inside. We walked in and Marcelo was sitting in the corner by himself in front of the speaker, listening to Compassion (Change the World) over and over. Wow. And once again, we all lost it. A story that only could’ve been orchestrated by God. A story that none of us will forget, especially not Andrew or Marcelo. We prayed through the tears for Maria, Marcelo, and the rest of their family. We asked that Marcelo be able to thrive in his love for music and travel the world telling his story and playing for God.

As we walked away, Maria said “My home is now your home. The door will always be open for you. I will be waiting to see you all again.” And she turned to Andrew and said, “I hope you will come back again someday…with a new CD in Spanish so I can understand.” The way God works, don’t be surprised.

To give hope to a child like Marcelo, click HERE.

To check out more of Andrew Witt’s music, visit http://www.andrewwittmusic.com


3 responses to “Faces From the Equator Part 3”

  1. Kris Ruoff says:

    🙂 “change the world for one” 🙂

  2. Jim Hays says:


    What an awesome story–all made possible by an awesome God, and His servant–who listened, setting himself aside that God’s glory might be more fully revealed.

    I am blessed to know you, and call you my brother.


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