Fatal Attraction

WARNING: Yes. This is another blog entry about church consumerism.

As I prepare to start a new position worship leadership at a church plant next week, I’ve been asking myself (and God) a question.

What makes a church attractive? The answer: Getting to know Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong…as a musician/worship guy/mac lover/etc., I love fancy-schmancy loops, lights, and fun videos. But also don’t get me wrong…a church whose main attraction is not Jesus is not actually a church. The Biblical Church is how Christ’s message grew from 12 Joe Schmoes to us. The Church is the “bride of Christ” for God’s sake. (I really do mean for God’s sake.) Just because it says 1st Street United Bretheren Community Church of Christ on the big stone water feature entrance sign, doesn’t mean it’s what God created the church to be. If excellence is the end goal, rather the means to an end goal (promoting Jesus), then what is being created is nothing more than a showy community gathering. Nevermind that people are typically charged to get into shows (that’s a whole separate post), but shows can lead to the glorifying of people, not God. Shows lead to temporary enjoyment, not usually transforming change.

Churches have the honor and responsibility of showing God to people who live in a world that doesn’t. Great energy, creative planning, and intentional moments are an important thing in our church today…but it’s not THE important thing. People can make eternal decisions, and we have the responsibility to help lead them there. If we do not, the results could be fatal.