2 People I’ll Meet in Heaven

“Can I interest you in a favor that might be a hassle but would ensure that the gospel reaches Cameroon?” – random text from my brother on Wednesday.

Of course I said ok without knowing what he was talking about…I mean how often to ensure that the gospel will reach the other side of the world.

Basically he knows two missionaries from Atlanta who are leaving for Cameroon today (Friday) and there had been some trouble with their passports at the Cameroon embassy in DC. So yesterday I drove down to DC through some snow and ice to the Cameroon embassy (which was actually closed because of weather) where a lady came in specifically to give me the two passports. I went to FedEx, overnighted them to Atlanta, where my two friends picked them up this morning so they could head on their mission to Cameroon.

So by my calculations, God used me to share the gospel through two people I’ll probably never meet, in a country that I’ll probably never visit, by simply driving to a building I’ll probably never even drive past again.

God must have something planned for Cameroon to orchestrate this the way He did. Small world. Big God.

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