3 Reasons I gave extra to Shaun Groves new record

For the past month or two (I think) Shaun Groves has been inviting people to help him make a new studio record by donating money. There were different levels of giving, with different “prize” levels depending on how much you gave. For example, giving $5 or more gets you a signed copy of the album when it’s released; or giving $500 gets you the opportunity to spend a day in the studio during the making of the record…you get the idea.

As someone who has only been able to make albums through fundraising, I clicked on Shaun’s homepage multiple times throughout the past month…just to see how the donations were coming along. It was great to see the $21k goal was passed with plenty of time to spare. Yesterday I felt God leading me to give to Shaun’s new project anyway, so I considered giving $5, but in the end gave a bunch more even though he probably didn’t need it.

Why? Here are 3 reasons, outside of God nudging me.

1. Shaun was the first artist I heard (or at least paid attention to) share about Compassion’s vision. A few years ago I heard Shaun speak about Compassion at Dove Week. **If you’re too young to know what Dove Week is, look in the encyclopedia. If you’re too young to know what an encyclopedia is, Wikipedia that junk.** Anyway, Shaun talked about his journey through the music biz and how Compassion and their programs gave his music greater purpose. I wanted that too. That day, God opened my mind/heart about Christian music being about more than just filling the seats in a church. A year later (when I was just getting started as an artist) I opened for Shaun when he came in to do a concert and share about Compassion. Since then, my wife and I began sponsoring two children, (Shebra in Haiti, and Nayeli in Ecuador), I also started partnering with Compassion as an artist, and we even went to Ecuador with Compassion to see some of their sites in action. (See more about our trip here: My Ecuador Blog) So now you know where our journey with Compassion began.

2. Shaun has encouraged me. When I as about to present Compassion for the first time, Shaun sent me a couple of encouraging DMs with words of wisdom. **If you’re too old to know what DMs are, check out twitter.com.** He really does spend a lot of time encouraging other Compassion artists and working hard to promote the gospel of Jesus through Compassion.

3. I know that the extra money will go to do something to spread the message of hope. I know that Shaun raised $5k more than his goal. His family won’t have a new 60 inch 3D TV. He won’t take a fancy vacation, at least not on my dime. What he will do is put that extra money towards making the album that much better with the intent of getting that many more kids sponsored and giving them the message of Jesus. And if the album doesn’t require that extra cash, it’ll go towards children in poverty, or someone with a greater platform than me, who can be the voice of children that don’t always have a voice, or something to further the message of Jesus.

So I guess 4 would be: Why not?

These are also the reasons you should buy the record when it comes out.  Keep your eyes and ears open this summer.

Until then, check out Compassion and pray about sponsoring a child today! Compassion

One response to “3 Reasons I gave extra to Shaun Groves new record”

  1. Shaun Groves says:

    Thanks, man. So encouraging at just the right time. Thank you.

    And, btw, I’m allowed to spend extra funds raised on anything but what the fundraiser was for: recording, manufacturing, marketing and distributing the next record. So, yep, no new TV. Dang it. ; )

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