Our Conference Breakout Session

UPDATE – Here is the post with the summary of the session: http://keithelgin.com/2013/01/breakout-session-notes/

Hey everyone,

So I’m pretty pumped that I’m teaching a breakout session on worship at a conference this weekend (that will look nothing like the above picture). And I’m even more pumped that after pre-registration, my session is already full!

So when I say “teaching”, I really mean “learning”. When I say “learning”, I mean that in preparing, I’m realizing how much I’ve learned about God, people and worship the longer I’ve been involved with worship stuff. It’s great to have a moment to stop and realize how much wisdom God gives through experience, when I typically just go go go and implement what I learn without ever really stopping to appreciate that I’ve learned it. I also hope I’ll learn a lot from the people in the session. I like to ask questions, as well as give my opinions.

And when I say, “I’m” teaching, what I mean is “we’re” teaching. See I need your help. Can you answer a few of questions for me? I’d love to reference some of the answers during my breakout (without names). If you’d prefer to post here and not have me share it, just say so in your comment.

Thanks for your help! Hopefully I’ll get a copy of the audio, and if so, I’ll share it here.



1. As someone who attends a church service, what do you wish the planners/programmers would know?

2. As someone who attends a church service, what do you wish the worship leader/music leader would know?

3. If you play/sing on a worship team/lead worship, etc, what do you wish your leader knew?

4. What distracts you most from God during a worship service?