We have some exciting news to share! Emily​ and I are planning to travel to South Africa this April with Gap Community to work in the township of Kayamandi (pictured above). As part of this mission opportunity, we’ll be working in a primary school with 12-13 year olds and telling them about the vision God has for their life and the love of Jesus. One goal is to adopt the math classroom, upgrade the floors, windows, chairs, desks and paint an inspirational mural on the walls so the students are continually reminded of their value. Emily is especially excited about the opportunity to paint, and I’ll be able to play and lead worship. We’ll also be helping develop leaders amongst high school students and women (which is an abnormal opportunity for them) and teaching some basic self-defense in other areas.

I’ve already had a generous fellow worship leader donate a guitar, strings, picks and a capo for me to take, with the understanding that I’ll find a teenager there who can develop worship leading gifts and leave it for him!

As you might expect, these types of trips can be expensive, but we fully believe this is an opportunity God has given us for His purposes. It’s a little bit rare for us too, because we have to raise double the amount since we’re both going. Together we need $6000 to make this happen. We’re asking for you to prayerfully consider supporting us in this trip. If you’d like to, there are a few ways you can do so:

1. You can give online via (
2. You can donate money by sending either cash or check directly to us, with Africa in the memo line.
3. You can make a tax-deductible donation by making a check out to Gap Community, with “Keith and Emily” in the memo line.
4. Pray for our trip and our fundraising efforts.


If you’d like our address to donate, please message me.

Or you can mail to Gap Community at:

GAP Community (West Coast Headquarters)
1315 Pacific Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


We love you,


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