For the last five or six years, I’ve been operating my band as a sole-proprietership. That essentially means everything we make when we play somewhere or I sell a t-shirt, etc., is personal income and I have to claim it every April 15. And every time I spend money, it’s legally my personal money, even though it’s separated as a business expense. I make sure everyone else gets paid before I do. My time is invested and spent. That’s just how I’ve operated and I’m fine with that mode of operation. I’ve basically been operating as a non-profit business.

But now I’m getting more and more opportunities and invitations. And wider ones. Recently I was in South Africa doing leadership training for kids and leading worship. Later this month, I’m speaking at a huge youth conference in Florida. Next year, we’re heading to Portland to play at the International UMC Conference. These types of things are in addition to the normal worship leading and playing at conferences we do throughout the year.

While these things have been going on, I’ve had other ideas to push things further. I had someone donate a guitar for me to take to South Africa, which I left with a new friend I made there. I did the same thing in Ecuador a few years ago. Gap Community, the organization we were with in South Africa, asked if I had any connections to provide a keyboard to a church in Zambia. The point is, somehow, I’ve become a point person for collecting and donating instruments to people that otherwise can’t get them. I’ve also started consulting/training other worship leaders and artists how to do what I do. And those are just two quick examples of things that could continue as is, or  grow in the future. But as it is now, I’m limited with what I can do.

SO: things are expanding and I want to do more. So I am currently in the process of starting a non-profit ministry. Through this, I’ll be able to empower others and reach people using primarily, but not limited to, music and other creative arts. Not only will our non-profit be a 501c3, tax exempt, organization, but it will allow me to get others involved to use their gifts to impact the world. Recently I had someone ask if my ministry was a non-profit. They wanted to make a tax deductible donation, but as I explained how things functioned, and described that they couldn’t donate as a write-off, I realized I have been aligned in this world to do something even bigger but I was limiting myself. There are people who want to make an impact in the world, but will never the opportunities that I have. So I want to bear that responsibility. We will start small and simply employ those I already work with, but has potential to expand to unknown possibilities. Only God knows where this will lead.

In the short term, it won’t change much in what you see from me or the band. This will just widen the scope of what we can do as things move forward. So don’t worry, we’ll still be around the same places you usually see us.

I believe this will be a game-changer for the band and provide more opportunities for Emily, the band, you, others and me to make a mark on the world. We are going worldwide wide wide wide.

I know this seems very vague at the moment. I promise there are tons of ideas stirring in my head. Stay tuned for more info soon…

Thanks for supporting, as always. I truly want this to be something we do together.


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