In March 2013, I was notified that I was named 2012 CCM Network International Songwriter of the Year. That was such a great surprise and very humbling. I won radio promotion, amongst other great things.

In February, I won the 2014 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Award) for Gospel Vocalist of the Year. I had been nominated a few times before, but I assumed I’d come up short again. Emily and I didn’t even attend the awards. However, I won! So exciting.

Then in April, I was notified that Made for More won the 2014 KCCM (King Cat Christian Music) Song of the Year. With that award, I won some recording gear, a MIDI guitar, cash and other things.

***Added June 2014 – Turns out I also won the 2014 KCCM Live Performance Award for Dance Dance Dance from Our Hope [Live]! You can see the trophy above.

In February 2015, I won a WAMMIE for both Gospel Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year, for Our Hope [Live]. We also played live at the WAMMIES and played Dance Dance Dance, mashed up with Beat It and 25 or 6 to 4. Great night!

I continued to be very humbled by the opportunities and recognition I’ve received recently. I 100% know that God gave me the gifts I have, so I’ll continue to use them to impact people for Him. However, just because God gives us gifts, it doesn’t mean they’re handed to us. I have and will continue to work hard at playing guitar, singing, songwriting, etc. It’s important for me, and you, to remember that God may give us things, but we are the stewards of them.

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