SONGS – January 10!

For years I’ve wanted to do an album of all cover songs. And I’ve wanted to do some covers that are still faithful to the original tracks, but give a little bit of a different vibe. No synths bass or dance beats. Annnnd, I’ve also wanted to do a song featuring some friends and call it “Keith Elgin & Friends.” So this is really a culmination of multiple ideas and months of slow progress. I’m super pumped about it. I have many friends joining me, and three leading songs…Victor Neal, a friend of mine from Richmond. Brandy Anderson, from Hampton Roads, who also leads at my church. And my guy Seth Condrey from Atlanta, Georgia. I admired him from afar for years and now that he’s a friend, I’ve had some pivotal conversations at just the right time. Plus you’ll hear my wife, Emily, and some other worship leaders from my church.

The track listing looks like this:

  1. Every Beat
  2. Good Grace/Nothing But the Blood (feat. Seth Condrey)
  3. Won’t Stop Now
  4. Living Hope (feat. Victor Neal)
  5. This is a Move (feat. Brandy Anderson)
  6. O Praise the Name
  7. Do It Again
  8. Death Was Arrested

You can pre-order on Apple Music HERE, and Google Play HERE. Don’t forget to tag me on social and let me know what you think!


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